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How to Get the Best Results from Your RA Illumi Colour

How to Get the Best Results from Your RA Illumi Colour

Since launching the RA Illumi Colour a few months ago, we’ve had tremendous interest, a lot of wonderful feedback, and quite a few inquiries as to how to get the best results when using it.

This is a truly unique collection that requires a custom approach and knowledge of the individual client’s skin – much like our other products. As such, we wanted to provide some tips and best practices for color matching and application, so you can give your clients the gift of glowing, radiant skin this season.


The color selection is the part that will require some assessment. We recommend inquiring about the client’s ancestry, as well as analyzing their pigment. Getting a clear picture of what influences their skin tone is key, as the pigments in the RA Illuma Colour will blend with the individual’s tone to create a true color match.

The best way to match color is to cleanse and hydrate the skin, then apply the mineral crème or powder and let it process for 3-5 minutes to see it’s true color.

Wisp, Bliss, and Enlighten are the three popular shades for lighter Fitzpatrick skin tones. Muse and soon-to-be-released Moonlight are ideal for your higher Fitzpatrick skins.


This is the fun part. Deciding whether the crème or the powder is right for your client is a matter of hydration level in the skin. The mineral crème is designed for all normal to dry skin tones, and the mineral powders are ideal for all skin types.

The mineral crème works well for normal to dry skin because it increases hydration without adding heaviness. It also creates a beautiful, vibrant glow when applied with our specialized brush in a circular motion while gently pressing. For more full coverage, and to set the color, the mineral powder may also be applied on top.

For oily skins, the powder is best applied immediately following a daily moisturizer, and Daytime Defense or Sheer Tint Finisher. It works to keep oiliness at bay, and still produces that luminous glow.

Another very unique application method that can be done with both the powder and the crème is the “hydra application.” To do this, you simply spray the top of the brush with the Cucumber Spritz, a humectant heavy water, then add either crème, powder or both to the brush and apply in circular motion. This is a flawless coverage and the brush feel like a gentle, silky massage!


The RA Illuma Colour is the perfect final touch to any holiday treatment. It helps to enhance the luminescence of the skin and overall color – not to mention the gentle massage the brush provides. Clients leave the spa absolutely glowing.

To keep the brush clean – whether at home or in the treatment room – just use warm, sudsy water, rinse it and it is ready for the next application.

Give your clients the gift of healthy, glowing skin this season with RA Illuma Colour. With proper shade selection and application, they will be hooked on the results and the benefits it provides.

Question: What tricks or tips have you found to work with the RA Illuma Colour?