IllumiColour Science

For healthy-looking, beautiful skin and a final touch of cover and color, RA IllumiColour Natural Mineral Collection provides a natural synergy that leaves skin luminous and glowing.


What makes RA IllumiColour Natural Mineral Crème unique?

Not just another ordinary over-the-counter foundation, Natural Mineral Crème visibly gives a beautiful glow that evens skin tone for a fresh complexion, coverage and ultra-hydrating support to enhance the wellness of healthy-looking skin. Combining cutting-edge science with active, natural ingredients, our mineral collection is an extension of good skin health.

LINOLEIC ACID – A polyunsaturated omega 6 essential fatty acid – the building blocks for healthy skin cells; softens and hydrates dry, depleted skin, helping to prevent TEWL while soothing properties nourish skin and reduce inflammation, allowing for quicker recovery to traumatized skin.

OLEIC ACID –A highly absorbable monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid; helps penetrate other nutrients into skin tissue, provides anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and regenerating benefits and is rich in antioxidants which help to remove harmful toxins and free radicals from skin tissue and prevent skin aging in cells for smooth, supple skin.

OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) FRUIT OIL – Contains antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, which promote skin cell growth to slow the aging process while absorbing UV radiation to prevent cell damage; the linoleic acid component in olive oil also prevents water from evaporating, making it a perfect natural lubricant and moisturizer, firming, soothing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

COLOSTRUM – A rich, pure form of nutrients containing a high content of vitamin D and important minerals; stimulates cell growth in the dermal layer of the skin improving skin thickness and elasticity, reduces inflammation and provides anti-microbial benefits.

TOCOPHEROL (D-ALPHA) – Vitamin E; a potent antioxidant superstar that protects skin from UV damage and reduces for formation of free radicals, promotes the healing process, strengthens the skin’s barrier function, protects the skin’s lipid balance, reduces TEWL and provides moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and pro-youth benefits.

ZINC OXIDE – A non-irritating, inorganic mineral that provides excellent UVA and UVB blocking benefits and superb broad-spectrum protection; protects and soothes skin, provides healing relief and anti-microbial support.

What makes RA IllumiColour Mineral Powder unique?

With healthy, natural minerals for environmental protection, antimicrobial support and coverage that will last all day, RA IllumiColour Mineral Powder is the perfect finish to any daily home care regimen.

ZINC OXIDE – A non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic inorganic mineral that provides excellent UVA and UVB blocking benefits and superb broad-spectrum protection; protects and soothes skin, supplies healing relief and anti-microbial support.

BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE – Provides a smooth, luxurious feel and is the key ingredient which helps keep powder looking fresh all day.

MICA – A light, natural, silicate mineral that gives a luminous glow to the skin.

BORON NITRIDE - Improves the application of the mineral foundation; adheres to the skin for long lasting wear.

TAPIOCA POWDER – A starch extract of cassava root that is often used as a thickening agent that offers powder a light feel to the skin.